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The Strategist of Creation

April 24, 2017

The apostle Paul wrote that all things were created by/in Jesus.

Do you daily ponder the power of prepositions? I didn’t think you did. But I would like for you to consider how much glory is in the phrase, “all things were created IN HIM.” Two words. Five letters. So. Much. Glory.

In this prepositional phrase we learn that creation was accomplished by means of Jesus. It was within his realm of influence and responsibility to create. Even more, the details and intricacies of creation were Jesus’ idea because creation was “in him.”

Just this last week, a friend brought the kids several caterpillars. We watched those caterpillars eat some leaves, and then later, climb to the top of that little cage, and just hang there perfectly still. It fullsizeoutput_e9aseemed like they hung there forever. We thought they had died! And then, without even noticing, a green shell had formed around them. They had shed their skin and formed what is called a chrysalis. Inside that chrysalis, an amazing feat takes place. The caterpillar recycles its body. The best way I can describe it is to say that the caterpillar melts its body down into some kind of soupy goop and reforms itself into a butterfly. You know who thought it would be cool to have a worm shed its skin, create an outward shell of protection while it ate its own body and then come back as a flying creature filled with a beautiful design? Jesus did. Jesus brought these plans to God and said, what do you think of this, and God said, “Let’s do it!” and in combination with the Holy Spirit, they created the world.

According to Paul, I am the creation of the most powerful, most incredible Being on all the galaxies. My design and form, my height, my color of skin, the color of my eyes, the complexity of my DNA, everything about me that makes me me was part of the blueprint strategy of Jesus Christ. Whether my body functions perfectly and completely, or whether I have been laden with a difficulty, it does not take away my inherent value or the fact that I have been created by the design of God, in the image of God, for the glory of God.

You are not a mistake. You are not an accident. You are not a byproduct of random chance. This is who you are. You have value. You have inherent worth and dignity. You were designed in the mind of Jesus Christ, created in the image of God, to bring attention to the glory of your creator.

But Paul goes on to talk about the flaw that we bring into creation. We alienated ourselves from God by attempting to demote God from being God. We wanted his crown and did what we could to cause a coup. But a peace treaty was struck. This treaty was not between God and ourselves. We didn’t go crawling to Him to come up with a plan. He came up with the plan before the world began. And this plan brought peace through violence. God sent His own son to receive the punishment for our sinfulness. But God did that so we could be forgiven when we turn from trying to be our own kings, and recognize and trust that Jesus’ work on the cross was for sufficient for us.

We can stand back and admire the process a butterfly goes through to become a butterfly, but there is something even more amazing about all things being created “in him.”

When Jesus created the world along with all of its processes and complexities, he knew that his most prized creation would rebel. He knew that the lungs he created to expel air  would one day pass over vibrating vocal chords that modulated sounds meant to curse and ridicule him. He knew that the brilliance of the brain would one day design a torture experiment called crucifixion. He knew that the creation of four fingers and a thumb would eventually grip a hammer and nail spikes in his hand. He knew that his creation of the focusing eye would zero in on him with shame and contempt.

And yet, He still created. He still created you. This is glory. This is love.

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