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5 Thoughts to Help You Conquer Your Bible Reading Plan

January 9, 2017

Recently I challenged our church to be more focused on helping all of Hope find all their joy in Jesus. If we are going to accomplish this task, then we must be people who are finding our joy in Jesus. In order for that to happen, then we have to be people of the book. This is why I challenged our church to be in God’s word more in 2017. Since that challenge was issued, over 80 accepted the challenge to read through the Bible this year.

In order to help accomplish this task, I think it is important to keep the following 5 things in mind.


  1. Between now and December 31, you are probably going to miss some days. Keep reading! You have all year to make it up! The people who finish Bible reading plans are those who keep reading, even when they miss days. The goal is not read every day so that you get a perfect reader award. The goal is to read the book and become familiar with the unfolding story of God!
  1. You need some accountability. You need a team to help you read through the Bible. This is why at our church we are hosting reading groups on Wednesday nights at 6pm. This is not your typical class set-up. We have asked the leaders of these classes to consider themselves as personal reading trainers. They are there to help folks think through and overcome scheduling obstacles, clarify your understanding of what they are reading, and to cheer the readers on through consistent contact (text, emails, etc). If you do not have someone reading with you, it may be a good idea to invite someone to join you on your venture!
  1. Right now, nail down a time and place of when you will read. Consistent time and consistent place are the keys. The chances of you finishing the Bible without these two pieces in place are slim. Do it. Right now.
  1. Bible reading and Bible study are two different things. When you read through the Bible, you are not necessarily diving deep into His word, you are flying at surface level. Deep Bible study is not the focus. The point is to grow more familiar with the story of God. So don’t get frustrated if you think you are not “getting a lot” out of your reading. You are actually gaining more knowledge and insight and familiarity than you might imagine.
  1. Remember the reward. The reward is the opportunity to meet with God and hear Him speak each time you open His word.

Psalm 119:18 “Open up my eyes that I may see wondrous things out of your law.”

Happy Reading Everyone!

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