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It’s the Machine’s Fault

September 16, 2013


Our oldest son is playing fall baseball this month. As usual, the real entertainment is watching some of the parents we come across. We are in a pitching machine league, and you wouldn’t believe how many all-star baseball players are out there only IF that pesky pitching machine would throw the ball where the kids were swinging their bats! These dads, when their kid gets up to the plate, and the pitching machine pitches the ball, and the kid swings and misses, go semi-ballistic. “I can’t believe it! That machine is throwing the ball too high! Hey coach, adjust the machine!” So the coach reluctantly fiddles with the machine. Here’s the pitch. SWING AND A MISS…”Coach, that machine must be old! It is throwing the ball too low now. Get it fixed!” Why can’t it be that the kid just missed the ball?

And when, parents, act like that, we are reinforcing a dangerous idea that is already birthed in those precious little kids’ hearts—and that is that this world is all about them, and that they don’t make mistakes and it is always someone else’s fault. When we behave that way, we strengthen the thought in a kid’s heart that this world is all about them.

The idea that the world revolves around them comes from a broken place in their nature, and it is reinforced everyday by this world, and sad to say, by us as parents. Parents, be faithful this week to show your children that you are not the King, and they are not the King, but rather that you follow the only true King—Jesus. As Christians, we live in His kingdom under His reign for His glory, which produces our highest joy. It is not at all about us. It is all about Him.

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