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Intentional Families

September 15, 2010

Chapter 2 in It Starts At Home calls on us to live our life, nurture our marriage, and raise our kids with laser sharp intentionality.  When I begin to think about this intentionality, some questions  surface.  Why get married?  Why have kids?  Often times the answers are, “Because I am in love” or “I can’t imagine living my life without her.”  In response to why we should have kids we may say, “I want a baby of my own,” or “We ready to start a family.”  Those are decent answers I suppose.  But are they best answers?  Does God have anything to say as to why we should get married and why we should have kids?  Is there a divine purpose that fills these pieces of our lives?

Kurt Bruner answers those questions with clarity.  Marriage exist for far greater reasons than personal pleasure and comfort.  Raising a family needs more purpose than, “We are ready to start a family.”  He explains and motivates us when he writes, “If we don’t clarify the purpose of life for the next generation, then ‘world, the flesh, and the devil’ will be more than happy to fill in the blank.”

If we have intentional families, we will have better equipped churches.  If we have intentional churches, we will have better equipped families.  The two were never meant to exist apart from one another.  They are meant to complement.  So ask yourself, “How is the way I am raising my family strengthening my church?”  And then ask, “How can my church better equip my family?”  If you come up with some ideas on that last question, schedule an appointment with your pastor and let him know what has been on your heart and mind.  He would appreciate it.  I know I would!

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