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Who’s in your corner?

May 4, 2010

Rocky has now become a classic movie.  Makes me feel old.  Classic movies to me are supposed to be black and white.  But now, the movies I grew up with are classics!  Star Wars, Karate Kid, Breakfast Club, Rocky, and many others.

If you have seen the Rocky movies, then you will remember the old man who was Rocky’s coach, Mick.  Mick was tough, but he pointed Rocky in the way he should go.  Do we have anyone like that in our spiritual fight?  Is there anyone in our corner?  We have the church, accountability partners, encouragers, friends, family, etc.  But working through all of those (assuming they are believers) is the Holy Spirit.  He is in our corner strengthening, coaching, empowering us.  He is in our corner for the daily battles.

What we sometimes forget is that the tool the Holy Spirit uses to strengthen, coach, and empower us is God’s word.  He uses other people, true, but He uses God’s word through others.  That is His weapon.  That is our weapon.  Our enemy also has a word that he wields against us: words of doubt; words of discouragement; words of deceit.  So it is crucial that we are preaching to ourselves God’s word to ourselves.  We are all preachers!  It is a battle for your mind in what you will believe about your situation, yourself, your circumstance, etc.  This is why Romans 6 tells us to “reckon” ourselves, consider ourselves dead to sin.  Why should we do that–because it is the truth!

Don’t forget.  You have someone in your corner.  And not just someone, but THE Comforter, The Spirit of Christ.  He will strengthen you; He will empower you.  But be sure you are equipping yourself with God’s word so that He may work in you to overcome the daily battles.

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