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Seeing The Battle Lines

April 13, 2010

I like this book.  Each chapter exposes a layer of my heart and shows me how to fight the sin that is discovered there.  Chapter 6 has been, so far, the most helpful chapter because it outlines how sin works in attempting to get back on the throne of my heart.  It lays out the enemy’s battle plan.

The following is what i found to be of most help to me:

How crucial it is to know that if I try to examine my heart without the help of the Holy Spirit, I will travel down the path of discouragement (or pride).  “If we try to search our own hearts we are apt to fall into ….the trap of morbid introspection.”  I can relate to that.  I can see other folks stepping into that trap as well.  Very helpful word.

I was also helped by this statement: “Deceit of the mind is carried on by degrees, little by little.  We are first drawn away from watchfulness, then from disobedience.”  How many times do I get lazy in my watchfulness?  How many times do I say that I no longer have a problem with _____________?  And then how many times do I fall on my face?  I fall on my face at least the same amount of times I say that I no longer have a problem.

And that last section on how we abuse grace.  That one just hurt.  I will be wounded by those indictments for a while!

The main thing for me is not to simply agree with what is being written.  I think we can all agree with what this book is spelling out.  The question for us is, “What are we going to do about it?”  Will I let the Holy Spirit examine my heart, expose my sin, and then claim for me Romans 8:1 “There is therefore now no condemnation for those that are in Christ…” so that i won’t drift into despair?  What will I do to maintain vigilance and watchfulness against sin?

What will you do?

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