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Am I Holier Than You?

March 9, 2010

Jerry Bridges lifts our eyes in chapter 2 of Pursuit of Holiness by calling our attention to one penetrating verse.  “Be holy for I am Holy.” We often times gauge whether or not we are “living right,” by sticking our proverbial finger up in the air to check the spiritual temperature around us.  If we see that we are “holier” than the current atmosphere, we seemed pretty pleased with ourselves.  To live according to that view is to think that God’s standards are based upon a curve.  They are not.  His standard of goodness, right and wrong, is Himself.  He is perfect.  He is holy.

Perhaps the section of this chapter that twisted the dagger in my heart was the application of trusting God’s holiness.  He always does that which is right toward us, even when our circumstances and feelings may disagree.  Not to trust good in those times and through feelings, to complain through those times is to question God’s holiness, or just flat out deny His holiness towards us.

So live today remembering that the goal is not to compare yourself to someone else.  Let God be your standard.  And when you realize you will never live up to God’s standard, run and cling to the standard-keeper for you, Jesus Christ.

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