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Holiness is for me?

March 3, 2010

What floats into your mind when you hear the word “holiness”?  For me it would be a lot of bowing and soft talking.  Funny how different images and stereotypes get lodged into our heads.  But as Bridges makes very clear, holiness is for everyone who makes Jesus their King.

Here is what i like so far about this book.  Bridges is a well-respected man in the evangelical world and yet he is asking the same questions I have, and I bet the same questions you have, i.e., “Does the Bible really have any answers for real life?”  Isn’t this a question with which we struggle?  I know the Bible is a holy book; it is a book that every home should have; it is a book that you want to be somewhat familiar with, but does it have any real answers for real life?

The answer, of course, is yes.  And I think what we are going to discover is that the Bible has the ultimate answers for ultimate reality.  So is holiness for me?  Can I be holy and still wear blue jeans and t-shirts and pull practical jokes on the youth minister and play tickle monster with my kids?  Can I be holy and still be me?  Yes…..and no.

There has to be a putting off of the old and putting on of the new, and I think this is a continual process.  I must be in a continual state of living by faith and aggressively fighting against sin.  Bridges gives three reasons why the church does not appear to be as holy as it should.  The first reason is that it is not focused on the glory of God, but rather the success of man.  The second reason is that we sometimes think that living by faith means doing absolutely nothing.  The third reason is that we do not take sin seriously.

Can we take this as a personal challenge?  Will we remind ourselves that our sin is against a holy, majestic God?  Will we take personal responsibility and action in our fight against sin? Will we view sin as God views it?  If we do those three things, by the power and grace of God, sanctification will be under way.

That is what I want.  I want it so as to make Christ radiate in my life.  I need it so that I can be the leader of my home.  I desire it so I can serve my church well.

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